Flood damage is a terrible thing to go through, and a big mess to clean up. Here at Creative Cleaning our hearts go out to all areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, spring Houston, Humble, Kingwood, Klien are all areas we service. We wanted to give you some tips and tricks to help you recover from the flood damage, from our cleaning service to your home.

We will start with water damage, we all know water damage leads to mold in the home, we recommend using bleach on the studs after the removal of the sheetrock, allow the bleach to dry completely  then use a mixture of half peroxide and half vinegar to penetrate the wood, Allow the mixture to dry completely. After removing damaged flooring use bleach to kill bacteria left behind from the flood water. You want a well ventilated area while cleaning so open up the windows.

Saving clothes with flood damage, first you will want to rinse them really well with a garden hose just to get the particles off and make sure there is no mud or anything that can clog the washer or sink. After you wash them off really well place them in the sink or washer with 1 cup of Lysol for colors and 1/2 a cup of bleach for whites this will kill all the germs on the clothes you also want to use the hottest water you can. After that cycle you may want to follow up with laundry soap and an extra rinse, and Clorox 2 for the colors. Now your clothes are fresh and clean.

Here at Creative Cleaning we are dedicated to helping you so if you ever need a cleaning service we are here to help. Our company services: Kingwood, Humble, Spring, Houston, Klien, and surrounding areas. We treat your home like it was our very own and our customers are our family. If we can help in any way with flood damage, flooded clothes, or water damage contact us today! We are eager and ready to help!