Keeping your bathroom clean can be tricky at times, however if you utilize these 5 steps, you might find that staying clean can be easier than it may seem. The first step is to eliminate as much moisture as possible. Mildew stains can be the worst, so next time you decide to take a shower, try hanging a squeegee over the shower head. Whenever you take a shower, try and wipe down all the surfaces at the end to help eliminate mildew and mold. While it may seem like a big inconvenience at the time, you’ll thank yourself later.

Keeping doors and windows cracked opened while showering can help ventilate the room too. When there is ventilation, it makes it more difficult for moisture to get trapped, which will help everything dry. It doesn’t hurt to shake the all the water off your shower drapes either. After you take a shower, water can collect on the drapes so by simply giving it a quick shake can help keep your bathroom dry and mold free.


Water stains can be a huge nescience, so by applying water repellents to your doors and shower walls, you can make it extremely easy to eliminate stains. Minerals and soap residue can build up on unprotected walls, however is you apply a layer of repellent, those stains can be wiped right up.


When washing your hands, try to avoid getting bar soap. Instead, go for the soap dispenser. You can purchase these for really cheap,  and will make your bathroom counter top look neat and tidy. Besides, what looks worse than having one of those grimy soap bar trays staring right at you.


Organization, Organization, organization! I cant stress this enough, but when you eliminate clutter and organize the things you need, your bathroom will look so much better. When it comes to your countertops, less is more. Keep as least as possible out on your counter tops, and stow everything else away neat and tidy in your drawers and cabinets. Don’t forget to wipe down the counter surfaces and mirrors too!


Last but not least, I would highly recommend purchasing ample towel bars.  Towels dry rapidly, and give your bathroom a more sophisticated look. Either hanging them up or folding them neatly on your counter are ways to display them. Having matching towels with the color of your bathroom also helps to give everything a centralized theme, which can correlate with being neat and tidy.


Following all these steps and guidelines will really help you stay on top of your bathroom game, making it a more inviting and pleasant room in your house. Hope you found these 5 tips to be to your benefit.